Selection of journal articles:
  • André Getzmann, Sebastian Lang, Klaus Spremann: Target Capital Structure and Adjustment Speed in Asia. Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 43 (2014), pp. 1-30. 

  • Patrick Scheurle and Klaus Spremann: Size, Book-to-Market, and Momentum During the Business Cycle. Review of Managerial Science 4 (2010), pp. 201-215 (pdf).

  • Klaus Spremann, Peter Rabensteiner, Sebastian Lang: Strategic Balance Sheet ManagementDie Unternehmung, 63 (2009) 4, pp. 485-508 (pdf).

  • Klaus Spremann: Profit-Sharing Arrangements in a Team and the Cost of Information. Taiwan Economic Review 16 (1988) 1, pp. 41-57 (pdf).

  • Klaus Spremann: Intergenerational Contracts and Their Decomposition. Journal of Economics 44(1984)3, pp. 23-37.

  • Günter Bamberg and Klaus Spremann: Implications of Constant Risk AversionZeitschrift für Operations Research, (1981), pp. 25-205.

  • Klaus Spremann: On Welfare Implications and Efficiency of Entrance Fee Pricing. Journal of Economics 38 (1978), pp. 231-252.
Selected articles or book chapters:
  • Klaus Spremann: Agent and Principal; in: G. Bamberg and K. Spremann: Agency Theory, Information, and Incentives, Springer Berlin 1989, pp. 3-38 (pdf).
  • Klaus Spremann: The Simple Analytics of Arbitrage; in G. Bamberg, K. Spremann (eds.), Capital Market Equilibria, Springer Berlin 1986, pp. 189-208.

Among other books, he wrote, co-authored or edited these titles:
  • Burkhard Schwenker and Klaus Spremann: Management Between Strategy and Finance - The Four Seasons of Business, Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, 2009 (read book online).

  • Walter Erwin Diewert, Klaus Spremann, Frank Stehling (eds.): Mathematical Modelling in Economics. Springer Berlin 1993.

  • Günter Bamberg and Klaus Spremann: Agency Theory, Information, and Incentives. Springer Berlin 1989.
  • Günter Bamberg and Klaus Spremann: Capital Market Equilibria. Springer Berlin 1984

  • Günter Bamberg and Klaus Spremann: Risk and Capital. Springer Berlin 1984.


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